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"You start a business because you've either found what people need and provide a unique way of delivering it or you know what you can deliver and found a unique way of making people want it. Either way, you believed in it enough to invest in yourself. How do you communicate the heart of it's purpose online? There are many ways to implement digital reach but only one that protects your vision while plotting it's digital space. We are dedicated to clearly communicating and connecting brands to their digital doorsteps by simplifying digital branding & marketing."

- Daisha Bracey, CEO & Creative Director


Meet Our Directors

Creative Director, Daisha Bracey, is widely known for tapping into a person's vision and bringing it to life through sales and marketing.

DitgySpace is a direct result of years of doing exactly that! With Georgia being the number one state in the US producing mass amounts of small businesses, ownership, Daisha and our team bring branding, marketing and media to the forefront of many businesses in a fresh, organized and true to their vision kind of way. 

New Business Director, Joy Terri, has an extensive background in sales, sales opportunity development, customer service and managing complex sales including the RFP process.

Joy brings a fresh spin on client acquisition and management of DitgySpace clientele by creating an unforgettable rapport that keeps our clients returning to scale and grow their digital storefronts. 


/dit; /gē/ 'spās


​a business, brand or company's digital storefront or online presence.

Digital Reach

We are currently partnering with brands that have a digital footprint of 0 to 96.4k followers. If your business falls in between or out outside of that, no worries, we have you covered. We assess brand strategies and convert visions to digital space across any digital platform. With our DitgyDice tool we target six areas of digital marketing to ensure visibility, growth and brand awareness. 

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