Digital Back Office Training

Another method we utilize to provide Back Office Training is by linking you to our step by step guides that provide the same information digitally. These helpful links are the same information explained during DitgySpace™ Back Office Zoom Meetings for the Website Design Process. Please don't feel like you are missing anything with this method! 


Take a deep breath in, exhale and when you are ready, below is the introduction to your website's coding and administrative properties. 


Please complete them in the order of which they appear below.


How To Upgrade From Free Hosting  

How To Connect A Domain

How To Accept Payments Online

How To Edit Shipping Options

How To Edit Your Online Store

How To Edit Your DitgySpace Website


We have already transferred the website ownership over to you, it expires in 3 days. If not accepted in that time frame, you will have to contact Wix directly due to the expiration of the invitation. This process removes your website from our queue, we will no longer have access to your page, and the temporary link we provided for you to review your website will be broken/inaccessible. That is a Wix platform procedure that DitgySpace™ can not reverse.  


Below are the steps to accepting it correctly in order to complete the digital back office training.


Accepting Transferred Site Ownership
Site ownership can only be accepted in the Wix account associated with the email address that the site was transferred to. If you do not have a Wix account with this email address, you can create one.

To accept site ownership:

  1. Check your email account for an email with the subject line Wix Website is Being Transferred to You.

  2. Click Accept Transfer in the email and sign in to your Wix account (if you are not already signed in).

  3. Note: If you don't have an account, click Sign Up to create one.

  4. Review the transfer details and click Next.

  5. Enter your billing information and click Next.

  6. Enter the domain contact information and click Complete Transfer.



If you receive a site without any paid services, simply click Accept Transfer and sign in to your account (or click Sign Up to create one). You will be required to enter billing information during this transfer process.

The billing information that you add in step 4 is used to renew your paid services at the end of the subscription period. You are not charged while accepting the transfer. These services are set to renew automatically. If you do not want them to, you can switch the auto renewal option off. 



As a reminder 

  • E-Commerce Hosting is $33/mo, make sure that you select the monthly option!

  • Domains must be purchased to change the temporary website link, you can purchase one here for $12.17 for one year, you must create an account. (bypass the option of a free website builder, it hijacks your purchased domain and you will not be about to sync it to the website that DitgySpace™ has created for you)

  • DitgySpace provides monthly website maintenance for a fee of $50/mo. If your website is not edited by us within a month's time, you will be provided 2 digital flyers of an equal $50 value. 

  • If all of this is like reading a foreign language, please still review it and schedule a 30 minute call to discuss specifics here.

  • Our practice is to provide digital training or zoom training, we do not provide both for special offers. 

We created it, we will maintain your website!

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